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… it’s an inside joke.

SORRY I reblogged your inside joke, it was cute :p

I just wanna hug something big and fuzzy right now and have the world be all ok…

But comforting myself won’t help anything. Please do something about those who do not have such a cushy life right now, if you can.

How are you?


Work work work. We’re understaffed, so I’m overworked. Free time is at an all-time low.

Can you give me some tips on how to get lots of followers

No, because I never set out to gain a lot of followers.

I started this blog because I wanted to. I enjoy sharing things with people, and furries are a primary interest of mine, so I share furries with people.

If you start a project with the intention of gaining popularity, you’re going to hate your work and constantly judge yourself by a number. Do what you love because you love doing it!

subtle by Nix


coffee time (commission)

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